Another Great Find

I just got back from Albertson's where I had a MAJOR score on breakfast convenience foods.

The deal they had going was to buy 10 participating Kellogs products at $3.00 each. If you bought the 10 at once then you got $10.00 off instantly plus a catalina printed for $10.00 off the next purchase.

5 boxes Kellog's cereal minus $2.25q
3 boxes Pop Tarts minus $1.00 q
2 boxes Nutrigrain Bars minus $1.00q

$30.00-4.25q-10.00 instant-10.00 catalina=$0.57 EACH


Now I'm all stocked up on grab and go breakfast goodies! Gotta love deals like that!

This post is linked to Money Saving Mom and The Thrifty Mama.


  1. woo hoo!! You go girl!!

  2. THAT is crazy! Way to go! I am trying desperately not to be jealous here. I wish we had an Albertsons. :( That was one of my faves back in California. :)


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