Grateful For My Husband~Again

My husband was off work yesterday. Usually on his days off he sleeps in and I fix a big breakfast. Not yesterday. I felt him get out of bed and heard him SHUT THE DOOR! That doesn't happen often. Then I heard our youngest wake up yelling for me. I groaned in my head because I was not ready to get up. About the time I decided to go get her I heard my hubby opening her door. Oh happy day!! I went back to sleep, wonderful sleep! I'm not sure how long it had been but the door opened again and there was my dear husband, waking me up to a fresh, WARM, cherry donut! YUM! YUM! YUM! Not only did he let me sleep late, but he took care of the girls AND got breakfast! Warm, gooey, sweet breakfast! Ahhh...what a man!

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