Ok so this isn't the recipe I grew up with. My mom always made them with Chinese noodles. I just improvised here with what I had on hand, didn't want to waste, and got for cheap. They actually turned out pretty good with the little salt of the pretzel.

1 bag butterscotch chips (which I scored for $0.99)
enough pretzels to soak up the butterscotch (These were tiny, cute little pretzels that my husband found at Big Lots. I had never seen them before but they are so good!)

I just melted the butterscotch on the stove (though I'm thinking next time I might try the double broiler method) and threw in a couple handfuls of the pretzels. Then I stirred until they were coated well.

After it had cooled a bit, I dropped them into pretty little "Haystacks" onto parchment paper. Once they had cooled completely and hardened we all had a tasty little treat. YUM!!

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