Monday's Menu

I have 2 rules about the food in my kitchen...

1. I can't go grocery shopping without a list.
2. I can't make a list without a menu.

So, here's my menu for this week.


1. cereal (can't eat healthy all the time right?)
2. boiled eggs, toast, fruit
3. malt-o-meal, bacon
4. apple cinnamon oatmeal
5. ham and egg burritos
6. fried eggs, bacon, toast
7. cereal


1. BLT's, carrots
2. ramen noodles, grilled cheese (bad for you yes, but my girls LOVE some ramen noodles)
3. biscuits and gravy, fruit salad
4. hot dogs, chips, fruit
5. sandwiches
6. pb&j, veggie sticks
7. srevotfel


1. spaghetti, salad
2. grilled chicken breast, baked potato, salad
3. beans with ground beef and jalapenos, tortillas
4. chicken nachos
5. steak, mashed ranch potatoes, salad
6. chicken fried rice
7. grilled chicken salad


1. popcorn
2. butterscotch muffins (recipe coming)
3. applesauce
4. peanut butter crackers
5. pizza quesadillas (recipe coming)
6. pudding
7. smoothies

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  1. Well I feel like a dork. I read spaghetti, salad but my mind saw spaghetti salad. Of course I was immediately wondering what kind of salad that would be. :) Pizza quesadillas sound good!

  2. Yum, Pizza Quesadillas, I would love to see that recipe :)


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