Sausage Packets

I did a little experiment today. These were good, but I think next time I will try them with a few modifications.

1 lb. of polish sausage
1 can of biscuits
barbecue sauce for dipping

Cut your sausage into even sized pieces.

Roll your biscuits out big enough to fit in a muffin tin. Clearly I wasn't trying to impress. ;)

Place a biscuit circle (or square, or whatever shape you have) into the muffin tin. Press a sausage piece into the middle and wrap it up tight.
Bake at 350 for about 20 min. Just keep an eye on the biscuits so the tops don't get too brown.

Final thoughts...I think next time I might cut the sausages up into very small cubes. When my girls took a bite the whole big piece fell out. It still tasted good, just not as easy to eat as I thought they would be. I also might try making them up like little hand pies and baking on a cookie sheet. These were definitely tasty little treats. They would probably be even better had I put cheese in them. I mean, what's NOT better with cheese???

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