Tuesday's Tip~Straight to Panties

I have four girls. All of them are right around 2 years apart. I was NOT going to have more than one kid in diapers at once so I made sure to get the older potty trained before the next baby came. Yes, that meant getting them going in the potty before they were 2!! My trick? Straight to panties. I took them to the store and let them pick out some pretty panties, whatever they wanted. We went home, put them on, and made multiple trips to the potty. Yes there were accidents, but the feel of wet panties was NOT appealing. It didn't take long before they were doing the pee-pee dance and running for the bathroom. I found that pull-ups, for my girls anyways, felt too much like diapers so it was just natural for them to pee in them. Give it a try. You just might find you can potty train easier than you thought!

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