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Blindfolded Field Trip

Want to know how to get your kids to think you're the coolest mom ever? Take them on a blindfolded field trip.

First, act like you're all in a hurry and have the kids get their shoes on, go to the bathroom (we all know how important this step is!), find their favorite book, and get something to use as a blindfold. Your kids will get very excited by your excitement.

When they are ready and can't see, have them sit on the couch while you throw together a bag of not-so-healthy-but-still-edible-and-totally-kid-approved snacks. Then be sure to throw in an apple for mom...lol!

Then you have to take the kids out one by one (this could take a while if you have 4 like me), by the hand, and help them into the car. After all, they are already blindfolded so as not to see the above mentioned snacks. We wouldn't want them getting any clues.

Once you start driving have them each take turns guessing where you are going. If they are like mine and know the roads you travel well, they won't have problems knowing where you are at first. Be sneaky if they know too much. Turn into a parking lot and go in circles a bit. That will fool them! HAHA!

Once you finally get there, count to 3 and let them take off their blindfolds at the same time. Make sure to get upset later when you realize you forgot to take a picture of them with their blindfolds on and you also forgot to take one of their beautiful surprised faces when the blindfolds came off. Oh well!

While they run and play, mom gets to sit in the shade with a good book. Ahhhhh...

If you can pry them off the jungle gym then they can enjoy the cool shade with their good books too.

Make sure they ring the bell when they get to the top of the 10-15 foot pole! (How high up is that thing anyways?)

Watch and laugh as they all chase a giant butterfly and be very grateful that they know how far is too far and race each other back.

Smile and take a picture as your youngest gets to climb a tree for the first time. Make sure you get her down before the tears come though. ;)

Then have everyone get together for a group picture before heading home.

Way to go SuperMom!!!

Be Blessed!!

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