Healthy Hydration~My New Commitment

Confession time...I don't drink nearly enough water.

I have heard that you should take your weight, divide that in half, and that's how much water, in ounces, that you need every day. That means I need about 10 cups per day. I drink no where near that! There have been times where I have. There have been times where I've had more than that. Not now, and I'm feeling the negative effects.

There are things I notice with my own body when I'm dehydrated. Let's start with headaches. I'd say at least 75% of my headaches can be cured with a big glass (or 2) of water. How about lethargy? Anybody feel like you're dragging by 2:00? You might just be dehydrated. Heartburn anyone? Sometimes I can cure mine with water.

These are just a few things that go on with me when I need some water. I'm tired of feeling blah because of something so simple. Won't you join me as I strive to stay much more hydrated? I will be posting weekly water updates that will include how good (or bad) I did the week before along with the total amount I drank. I feel like this accountability will help me tremendously. Please feel free to comment about your relationship (or lack thereof) with water as well as your progress with improving your drinking habits. Water drinking habits that is! LOL!

If you want some motivation then head on over to Laura's blog and read this post all about water. It was real inspiration for me.

Be Blessed!!

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