Meaty Macaroni

Ahhh...Srevotfel at its finest! I forgot to add leftover day to my lunch menu this week so I'll have a meal leftover for next week. Woohoo! You will notice with most of my recipes that I don't give measurements. That's because I usually don't measure when I cook. I just go by taste and feel. Unless I'm baking of course.

I doubled up a batch of macaroni and cheese the other night. I took the rest of that and added all the small bits of meat I had saved throughout the past week. I had about a handful of ham and bacon we used to top baked potatoes. I had about 10 slices of pepperoni that I diced up and half of a hamburger patty that I crumbled into it. I also added some parmesan cheese and the last bits of a block of store brand Velveeta. Add in a few splashes of milk to keep it all creamy and heat through.

This is a great example of using up leftovers. Even if you think that it's not enough to save, save it anyways. You can see here how all the little odds and ends that would normally end up in the trash have become a very tasty meal that everyone loves.

Yum!Yum! Happy Cooking!

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