Monday's Menu

This is what I use to plan my menus. Just a plain, recycled from the kiddos, spiral bound notebook. Nothing fancy.

This is what my menu looks like. I have to plan breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. If I don't plan all 4 for each day then I'm lost and have whiny kids.

Here's what's planned for this week~


1. cereal
2. boiled eggs, poptarts
3. malt-o-meal, bacon
4. oatmeal
5. cereal
6. burritos with egg, chorizo, and potatoes
7. bacon, eggs, biscuits


1. sandwiches
2. pb&j, carrots, ranch
3. pizza
4. BLT's
5. parmesan noodles, fruit salad
6. baked potatoes with ham and cheese
7. nachos


1. steak, mashed ranch potatoes, salad
2. chicken fried rice
3. pork chops, green beans, rice or potatoes
4. bacon balsamic chicken with onions, rice, salad
5. chicken wings, celery, carrots, baked beans
6. tilapia, green beans, brown rice, salad
7. dinner out!!


1. crackers with cheese and/or peanut butter, grapes
2. smoothies
3. pizza quesadillas
4. yogurt, popcorn
5. snack bars
6. graham crackers, applesauce
7. fruit/veggie tray

You might notice some of the same things from last week. We are trying to sell our house and had a few showings around lunch and dinner time last week so we went out to avoid smelling up the house and making a mess in the kitchen. Stay tuned for some recipes this week. I'll be sharing pizza quesadillas, pb&j smoothies, and bacon balsamic chicken.

Happy Cooking!!!

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