Oh Happy Day!!

We finally made it back to the library after about 2 months. We've had so many things going on this summer that we just haven't had time. Things are finally starting to slow down a bit so we made the much needed (and much enjoyed) trip to one of our favorite places.

GirlyGirl9 got her own library card today along with 4 really good sized books. She is so excited to have this responsibility!

MuscleGirl7 got a couple Amelia Bedelia books. She's already read #1 out loud to us. I'm thinking I should have let her get more of those!

BabyGirl5 got 2 Christmas books. LOL! She also got several Dr. Seuss books that will help her along in her reading.

MissThang2 grabbed a couple books from the junior section and I let her keep them. We also got her a couple from the pre-school section too.

I got a new homeschool book for myself along with the McGuffey's Readers. I have heard good things about them but haven't used them. I thought I'd look them over to see if they'd be a good fit for BabyGirl5. I also picked up 3 copies of The Chronicles of Narnia, The Horse and His Boy. I plan to finish this series this school year. It's fun to see my girls grow in their reading.

What are you reading this week?

Be Blessed!

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