PB&J With Banana Smoothie

This smoothie was so easy to make and surprisingly so good! The only thing I kept thinking while CHUGGING it down was how wonderful it would be with a big ole scoop of vanilla ice cream!!

Set up your blender. Add 1 banana. Clearly this was about the last day for this banana before it had to meet the trash can. Add 2 or 3 big spoons of peanut butter and jelly. I used creamy pb and grape jelly. I also added in a single serving cup of banana pudding. Then I poured in milk until it looked like enough for my crew. It tasted so good but wasn't cold enough so I added about 10 ice cubes. Here's where the ice cream would have been so good! I'm sure this would also be good with a different flavor jelly or jam. I might try it with strawberry next time. YUM!

EDITED TO ADD~I made this again last night and added vanilla ice cream. My husband had 2 servings! He LOVED it!!!

Happy Cooking!

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