Thankful For 1st and 2nd Degree Burns

Yes, you read that right. Right now I'm grateful for burns on my hands, blisters and all.

A few nights ago I was boiling potatoes. I was doing a mini freezer cooking session and making a big batch of mashed potatoes. As I was going to drain the pot, I turned around and my 2 year old baby girl was right under me. I told her to get out of the way but instead of going around my backside, she went under me. Naturally I turned the other way so as not to be holding a pot of boiling water and hot potatoes over her head. When I turned I went too fast and the water sloshed over the side and all over my hand. Of course I went straight to the sink for cold water but the blisters came anyways.

Why am I grateful for all this pain you ask? Because it's me and not MissThang2. If she had been one foot closer when I turned around I would have tripped over her and she would have had a shower of boiling water. Gratitude to God was my very first thought. I wasn't thinking about the pain (well, not much, yet), just how grateful that it was me and not her!

Oh, and guess what Mommy set new rules for the kitchen when she's cooking. Yup, this one!!!

Be Blessed!!

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  1. I have rules about those things, too--like no talking to mommy when I'm getting things out of the oven! I have to keep reminding them of that. Tripping over children in the kitchen is a danger! I'm glad she wasn't burned!


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