Tuesday's Tip~Onion Snow

Onion snow...sounds kinda funny doesn't it. Let me tell you, it's one of my favorite things! I used to get an onion out and chop and cry every time I needed just a bit. Of course I didn't always need the whole onion so I started putting it in the freezer so it would last a bit longer. Then one day I saw Rachel Ray grating an onion on a box grater for the juice. I thought to myself, Why don't I try that with my frozen onion? My family isn't big on onions but I know that they pack big flavor so I use them a lot. Now I am able to "shave" the onion off on my micro-plane grater and get snow. When I put it in whatever dish I'm making it just melts and leaves all it's yummy-ness. (Yummy-ness is a word, isn't it? Yes, I believe it is!) This is a very sneaky way to get my family to eat onions without realizing it. Give it a try!!

Happy Cooking!!

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  1. HMM I may have to try this!

  2. We love onions around here so no need to hide them and yes, I'm one of those folks that thinks chopping veggies is relaxing and meditative. I store my onions in the fridge so no real issue with the whole crying thing.
    That all being said, I love to grate my onions for things like meatloaf simply because they mix in much better. It works well for marinades too, the onion flavor really mixes in because it's basically a liquid too.
    Now I've never used my microplane, I've just always used my flat grater, but next time I'm going to give the microplane a try, normally only use it for cheese
    Thanks for the tip

  3. Hi, Ashley! It's Mary from FITC. I'm just wandering around, and here I am. I looooove onions!

  4. Hey Mary!! So glad you stopped by!


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