Remember this post where I told you I was going to start drinking more water? The one where I tried to convince you of how much better you would feel if you were more hydrated? The same post that I didn't mention again for weeks because of the failure I had been? Yup, I failed at drinking more water. Lately my body has felt the effects of not enough water.

I realized that trying to drink 80 oz. of water each and every day is hard for me. I have decided to try to average 80 oz. per day throughout the week. There are some days that I am home all day, close to my sink and my potty, so it will be easier to drink more. ;) There are other days where I'm out of town or running errands and I know I won't be able to get enough water.

I kept track last week and I'm embarrassed to say that I only averaged 42 oz. per day. Hey, at least I'm honest. I'm going to try harder this week and post another update next Monday. Maybe by then my body will feel less like the desert and more like I'm swimming with this guy.

Be Blessed!

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