Friday's Find~Cheap Cereal and Produce

I didn't do a whole lot of shopping this week. I was busy going out of town to do some business and to PUT IN AN OFFER ON A NEW HOUSE!!! More about that later.

I made a small trip to CVS for a few necessities (milk and tp) and picked up some cereal too. I paid $1.02 per box. My target price is $1.00 so I was happy with what I paid.

Then I went by my local salvage store. They had deals there like I hadn't seen in MONTHS! I was so happy!

The total for all pictured was $16.72! WooHoo!! Here are some of the best deals~

zucchini @ $.49/lb
clementines @ $.50/3 lb bag
bagged salad @ $.50 each
cucumbers @ 6/$1.00
yogurts @ 3/$1.00
bread @ $.50 each
tomatoes @ $.50/ 4 pack
eggs @ $.79/doz

There are a few more things in there but those were the best deals. I love it when I find deals like that!

Happy Hunting!!

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