Friday's Find~Cheap Chicken

Say hello to my three CHEAP chickens. Grand total? $4.35 for all three! I roasted them all yesterday. We had yummy legs and breasts last night, I saved the other breasts for sandwiches Saturday, and I have about 4 cups of shredded chicken for soups and casseroles ready for the freezer. The bones are on my stove right now making beautiful stock.

So, how did I make this even more frugal? Not only am I stretching the meat to make approximately 6 meals, I'm also using the bones for stock for soup. On top of that, I will feed the veggies that went in the stock to the dogs.

Perhaps the most important part of this frugal chicken adventure is the fact that I shopped the discounted meat section. I know some people are probably leery about buying meat that's about to hit it's sell by date. Most times you are safe as long as you put the meat in the freezer or cook it up as soon as you get home.

Combining sales, coupons, discounts, and using every possible part of the product you bring home is the best way to maximize your money!!

Happy Hunting!

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