Rotating Chores

Last week I posted some ways to make it a little easier to get kids to help around the house. This week I wanted to share our chore system and how it works.

It's fairly simple really. It involves two different sets of cleaning lists, a number to coordinate with the chores, and the girls names.

Each week the girls are assigned a certain number. It changes each Monday so they are responsible for different jobs each week. This number matches a group of daily chores along with a group of weekly chores. Each day they are responsible for doing the chores on the daily list. Some of the things included in this list~

  • put away clean dishes
  • pick up/sweep kitchen floor
  • scrub toilet
  • empty bathroom trash
  • fold laundry
  • feed dogs

There are several more but these are just a few examples. You can see on there that there are four different sets of chores. I have four girls. The youngest is only 2 so for now I do the other set. Once she's a bit older she will join in and I will stop doing those minor jobs.

The second list contains jobs that don't need to be done every day but still need regular attention. These jobs include~

  • bringing sheets to be washed
  • cleaning the tub/shower
  • mop the bathroom
  • clean out/under the couch
  • clean/dust entertainment center/t.v.

Of course, this is not an extensive list of chores. There are many more things I have the girls help me with each day. I have found a few more things that need to be done daily that I will add soon as the girls seem to be getting more responsible and more efficient too. Some of the job lists are harder than the others. If I hear complaining then I just remind the girls that the next week they will get an easier job. If it's a huge job (3 loads of laundry to fold, a baking day's worth of dishes to put away) then I will help out.

Rotating chore charts definitely Works for Me!


  1. We've just been concentrating on our chore system AGAIN lately :) It looks like you have things down pat in a way that works for you! It's cool to have them doing all the different jobs to gain those skills! :)

    amy in peru

  2. I wish I had it down pat! It is a good system when I work it. That's the thing though, I have to make them do it. I'm afraid I slack off too often. It does work beautifully when I actually stick to it though.


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