Tuesday's Tip~Clean Baggies

So you found an awesome deal on chicken breast or ground beef in the jumbo package and you stocked up. You get home and your first instinct (because you're tired after shopping with 4 kids...lol!) is to just put the whole monster sized clump into the freezer. But then you realize what will happen. It will turn into just that, a monster sized clump! It will take so much longer to defrost then there's the whole issue of what to do with it all because you really only need enough for one meal. So you decide to go ahead and package it into smaller sized portions. Good thinking! But wait, your toddler just came into the kitchen saying "Hungee Mama!" and hanging on your leg so you were distracted and now there's meat juice all over the top of the baggie. You don't have the time or the desire to re-package into a clean baggie so you just put the dirty one into another clean one so as not to get raw meat all over other things in the freezer...ummm, NO!

Fold the top of your baggie DOWN!!

When the top is folded down you can easily slide whatever meat you have into it without worrying if it touches the sides or the top.

Also, when it's folded, it makes a nice little handle of sorts so your other hand stays clean. Once you're done loading just unfold and seal. VOILA! Clean baggie!

Be Blessed!!


  1. Thats a wonderful idea! Do you share those tip with your pretty daughters so they will know them too? You would be surprised just how much children will remember!! Keep up the good info!!

  2. Thanks Memecita! I'm trying to share more with them, but I probably still don't share as much as I should. I'm getting better though!

  3. Something so obvious, yet something I never thought of. Thank you.

  4. Great tip! We regularly divide and freeze meat so this will be useful to us. Not sure why I never thought of it. Good thing there are bloggers like you out there!

  5. Thanks Kelly! That's so nice of you to say! Thanks for stopping by. You are welcome back anytime!


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