Friday's Find~Chapstick, Cereal, Cheese

I feel like I have to be extra vigilant these next few weeks and stock up on the good deals and freebies. We are moving soon to a land with no drugstores, no double coupons, and really no freebies to speak of. It is a good thing though, as we will be in the same town as my dad and my husbands parents and brothers/sister, and an hour closer to my mom. I will trade free shampoo and toothpaste for more family time any day. (ok, most!)

My Walgreens trip went very well. They had Nivea chapstick and lip gloss on sale for $1.00. I had dollar off coupons to go with it so I got 4 for free. I found girls tights hanging at the end of the aisle on clearance for $0.25 so of course I had to snag me up some of them! The popcorn was on sale 4/$1.00. I also got two of the EOS chapsticks they had for free after Register Rewards. I actually paid $0.49 for the toothpaste but it's been a while since it's been free and we were almost out. I threw in the bobby pins because I needed them. I had some RR's left from last week so I walked out of there with all that stuff for only $0.78 out of pocket!

My trip to Albertsons went well too. They had an in ad coupon that made the Captain Crunch only $1.00/box. Don't you love how they went back to the old design on the box? PB Captain was one of my favorites growing up! Who am I kidding? It's still a favorite!

They also had Laughing Cow cheese for $4.99 but it was buy 1 get 2 free! They also had coupons on the back of them so I ended up with 3 of them for a whopping $2.99! We love that cheese to snack on so at a buck a piece it was a steal!

What kind of deals did you find this week?

Happy Hunting!!

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  1. All the Albertsons in my area closed... *sigh* But Laughing Cow cheese for $1.00 each is an amazing deal!

    Thanks for stopping by Wednesday Weekly Shopping at Frugal Follies!

  2. We used to have 3 Albertsons that did double coupons. We are down to one but they don't double anymore. Oh well. I'm still able to work them for some good deals!


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