Monday's Menu

What a busy time it has been for our family lately! School and open houses have taken over so I didn't get a menu planned last week. Not good! I felt flustered and frustrated each afternoon since I didn't have anything planned. I know this week will be easier with my menu in place.

2.malt-o-meal, sausage
5.ham/egg burritos

1.sandwiches, carrots, chips
2.ramen noodles, salad
3.bucket soup,crackers, brown rice, salad
5.mac&cheese, salad

1.chicken and rice soup
2.beans with ground beef and jalapenos
3.sauteed chicken breast, salad, corn
4.spaghetti with italian sausage, salad, garlic toast
5. asado, beans, rice, corn tortillas

1.yogurt, grapes
2.jello, goldfish
3.spinach and artichoke dip, chips/crackers
4.popcorn, pickles
5.pb&banana smoothie, popcorn

Be Blessed!!

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