SOAP~Have Faith

I recently learned a new method of studying scripture from Amy at Mom's Toolbox. It's called the SOAP method.


Here's what the Lord spoke to me today.

Mark 4:40- He said to his disciples, "Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?" ~NIV

Even after the disciples had seen Jesus perform miracles time and again, they still did not have faith that he could and WOULD save them. The storm came and the waves nearly swamped the boat. They were in a tough, very dangerous, situation but Jesus was always there with them, through the whole storm. He calmed the storm and brought peace in HIS timing. Jesus is NEVER late!

I've have a storm brewing in my life right now. Lately I have been paying way too much attention to the wind and the waves and not focusing nearly enough on the ONE who WILL save me. It is possible to have peace during any storm if I will just keep my eyes and heart on Him. Jesus was sleeping during this storm for goodness sake! Talk about having peace in your heart!!


Sweet Savior, thank you for the life in your Word. Thank you for the healing and revelation it brings. Please help me to remember this lesson and keep my eyes and heart focused on you and not on what's going on around me. Please remind me to trust that you will get me out of this mess and that with you I will be victorious. I love you Sweet Jesus! AMEN!

Be Blessed!!

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