A Totally Random Post

This is a post about a bunch of stuff since I've been awol for a while.

1.Blogger and IE9 do not mix. We updated our internet explorer and now things are going crazy here on the blog. Certain buttons only work when they want to (which is usually never) and pictures don't want to be uploaded. I'm thinking I will switch back to Firefox.

2. I missed Gratituesday this week but I am grateful not to have a stomach bug anymore. I'm telling you, a monster of a bug hit my house Friday night and caught different victims at different times. I'll spare you the gory details but let's just say that the only position I could barely tolerate on Monday was laying on my side in bed! It was too much to even sit upright! We're still not all back to 100% but at least we're not loving up to the toilet anymore. (Hint~If you make your kids keep up with their chores then you should have clean toilets if something like this happens. Trust me, you will never be more happy to have a sparkling toilet!!)

3. This house that I was believing for...we didn't get it. I am just believing that God has something better planned for us.

I think that's it for now. I'm going to see about getting Firefox downloaded tonight and see if that helps. I hate not posting and just disappearing and not being able to tell you all why.

Be Blessed!!

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