30 Day Giving Challenge

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30-Day Giving Challenge

Anyone up for a challenge?
An amazing challenge that will change your life?
A challenge that will change the way you look at others and yourself?
A challenge that will make you a better person?
A challenge perfect for the upcoming Thanksgiving/Christmas season?

If you are up for it, please join me and several other bloggers on the 30 Day Giving Challenge. Basically you just pray for God to give you opportunities to give something every day for 30 days. Then you document what you gave, where you gave, and who you gave to. You can click on the icon above which will take you to the 30 Day website where you can get even more information. I participated last year and was continuously amazed that God provided a way to give EVERY DAY! Not just most days but EVERY DAY.

Remember also that your giving doesn't have to be money. It can be time, talents, or a listening ear. I know times are tough right now and it can be hard to commit to give financially when you're already strapped for cash. Just be on the lookout for anything you can give. If your heart is in the right place then God will make a way!

Won't you join me?

Be Blessed!!

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