30 Day Giving Challenge~Week 1 Update

30-Day Giving Challenge

A week has gone by since I started the 30 Day Giving Challenge. Did you join in? Just like I expected, God made a way to give every day.

1. Generous tip at Sonic.

2. Back rub for my husband.
I actually didn't leave the house that day and was wondering what I would be able to give. That afternoon I had thought about offering a back rub to someone in the family. That's a nice thing to give that doesn't cost anything. I actually didn't get the chance to offer as my hubby's back was hurting and he asked for it. It was totally God orchestrating the thing as he almost never asks for a back rub!

3. Click thru sites.
I had plans to give away some diapers on freecycle but the lady wasn't able to make it that day. Instead I did the following click-thru sites:
This is another free thing you can give.

4. diapers
The lady that wasn't able to make it on #3 was able to pick up the diapers on Thursday.

5. bed for GirlyGirl9
Since we are trying to sell our house I had the brilliant idea (read that with dripping sarcasm) to put her queen sized bed in storage and get her an air mattress. That way we could deflate it when we showed the house and the room would look so much bigger. The room definitely looked bigger but the mattress was a less than stellar idea. It seemed that every other day we were finding new holes in her bed that needed to be patched. More mornings than not she would wake up on the floor. So we bought her a roll-away bed that works so much better than the air mattress (at least until we get moved and she gets her own bed back).

6. Another tip at Sonic. Do I go to Sonic too much?

7. Offering at church.

I'm excited to see what God has planned for me this week!!

Be Blessed!!


  1. Wow, sounds like a great week. I Love Sonic, good idea to generously tip, I don't do that enough! Thanks for sharing :D

  2. What a wonderful week of giving! Great ideas! I'm visiting you from the 30 day giving challenge week 2 blog list.

    Happy giving!

  3. Love freecycle. Right before we moved here from CA I freecycled a lot!

  4. I love freecycle too! It's a great way to be a blessing to others without having to spend money. Thanks for stopping by!!


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