30 Day Giving Challenge~Week 2 Update

30-Day Giving Challenge

Let me start by saying how much I love this challenge. It is such a blessing to give to others. However, I am finding it more difficult to think of things to give this year. Last year we were in a different situation and had more money coming in so most of my giving was financial. Things have changed a bit in the bank account so this year I am having to be more creative with my giving. That's ok though, it's still giving. God never said I had to only give money to be a giver.

M~Gave my oldest a crochet lesson and let my youngest cut the cheese. (Sorry, I had to...lol!) Ok, I will explain. I am usually a NO mom in the kitchen. Sad but true since my kitchen is so tiny and usually if I let one girl help then 3 more want to join in and there's just no room. This particular night I was making cheese dip and my 2 year old was asking to help. So I got her the stool and a butter knife and let her cut a piece of the cheese. ;) She was so happy!

T~Did my click-thru sites, played on freerice.com, played barbies with my girls.

W~Click-thru sites again, extra prayer time for a person in need, played card games with girls, donated box tops to local elementary school. (We homeschool but I still save all my box tops.)

Th~Donated Swagbucks, put up basket for a lady at the store, gave GirlyGirl9 a cooking lesson.

F~Extra prayer time for my dad.

S~Took care of our sick puppy all day.

S~Gave a bag of Thanksgiving fixings to our church outreach ministry.

Have you joined in the challenge yet? It's never too late to start giving!!

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing!!

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