Gratituesday~An Almost Sold House

Remember the house I was believing for a couple weeks ago? The house we didn't have yet? The one we could only get if we sold our house? Well, it turns out that God had other plans. He didn't want us having that house. Ours didn't sell in the 72 hours and we lost it. And that's ok.

Today I am grateful that we FINALLY, after 4 months of showings and open houses, have a contract on our house! We are scheduled to close on December 14. If all goes well, we will find another house we love and will be moved in to celebrate Christmas.

I am so grateful for this home that we have loved for 6 years. I am more grateful for the home God is setting up for us to buy in the new town. I am most grateful for the Eternal Home my Lord has for me in Heaven!

Be Blessed!!

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  1. Beautiful! God has it all worked out for you already.


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