Monday's Menu


Good Monday morning all! I hope this day finds everyone happy, healthy, and blessed.

I had a reader comment recently that the food I post about seems wanting in health value. That got me to thinking about the recipes I post here and I would have to agree with her. Most of the food I put on here is very tasty, but also not the most nutritious. I do have to say that what I share here is not the only thing I feed my family. We do eat healthy most of the time. I just find that you all might be a little bored with a post about the boiled eggs, cottage cheese, turkey bacon, fresh fruit, and whole wheat toast we had for breakfast. However, since I don't want to portray myself and my family as unhealthy pigs, I will be sharing more recipes this week of the healthier things I fix.

Also, a big thank you to the reader who pointed this out to me. While I try to serve my family healthy options, I don't always do it and there's always room for improvement!

  1. egg and sausage burritos
  2. apple muffins, bacon
  3. waffles, peanut butter & banana smoothies
  4. cereal
  5. boiled eggs, turkey bacon, cottage cheese, fruit
  1. tilapia, brown rice, salad
  2. sandwiches, salad, chips
  3. pancake and sausage muffins, oranges, celery
  4. chicken and rice soup, salad
  5. leftovers
  1. chicken enchiladas, beans, salad
  2. spaghetti w/homemade sauce, italian sausage, salad, garlic toast
  3. roasted orange chicken, herbed potato wedges, salad
  4. hamburger gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans
  5. honey mustard pork chops, sauteed zucchini and squash, spinach and bacon mac & cheese
  1. popcorn, jello
  2. spinach and artichoke dip, chips, toast
  3. veggie/cheese sticks, pretzels
  4. pb&j, apple slices
  5. turkey pinwheels, fruit salad
  1. cranberry almond oatmeal cookies
  2. white chocolate chip cookies
  3. whole wheat pumpkin muffins
  4. banana nut bread
  5. fruit
I know not everything on this list is healthy. Baby steps right? Italicized items are recipes I will be sharing throughout the week. Bold items are new recipes I will be trying and will share if they turn out great.

Happy Cooking!!

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  1. Your menu looks great. I just love Hamburger Gravy. Thank you for sharing and have a good week.

  2. I love hamburger gravy over mash pototoes. My recipe is a little different. I use a jar or can of beef gravy to ground beef, drained can of diced tomatoes and then throw in some frozen mixed vegetables. We serve over mash potatoes and oh so good. I also cook this with diced cook chicken

  3. Hamburger gravy is a favorite in our house. We had it last night. Quick and easy. Thank you both for stopping by the Kitchen!


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