SOAP~Be On Guard

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  • Mark 13:23~"So be on your guard; I have told you everything ahead of time."
  • Jesus is telling his disciples the signs of the end times. He reminds them to be on guard, to keep watching for His return. They know He will return and so do we because of the Bible. The Lord gave us the Bible so we would know ahead of time what to expect and know how to act and what to do when trouble comes. The bible is our tool, our guidebook for how to live and how to be on guard.
  • I need to get deep into this beautiful book. I need to study and fill my heart with it. I need to make it an ever-present thing on my mind and my lips so that when the time does come for Christ's return I am caught doing the Word, acting the Word, loving the Word. The Word, everything He told me ahead of time, should be so ingrained in me that it's harder to do wrong than it is to do right.
  • Father thank You so much for Your Word. Thank You for telling me all these things ahead of time. Help me prepare for Your return by filling myself with Your Word and Your truths. Please guide and direct me to the things You want me to learn so that when Your beautiful Son comes back for me I am ready, not off guard but expecting. I love you!
Be Blessed!!


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