A big thanks to Amy of Mom's Toolbox for introducing me to this method of Scripture study!

  • Mark 11:25~And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive him. so that your Father in heaven my forgive you your sins.
  • It's pretty simple really. I need to forgive in order to be forgiven. But what if someone really hurt me, really did me wrong? Can I forgive when the pain is still there? The previous verse talked about moving mountains. Could it be that I have mountains I can't move because I hold unforgiveness in my heart?
  • Pray, pray, and pray some more. continue to ask the Lord for forgiveness and also ask Him to help me forgive. Sure it hurts. It hurts bad. But not receiving forgiveness from my God hurts worse. All my sins building up unforgiven is an infinitely greater offense than the thing done to me. I will forgive. I will hurt if I have to . I will forgive again and again if I must. I will move on.
  • Father God help me. Help me forgive. Help me love again. Teach me how to show the same mercy You show me. Develop in me an attitude of forgiveness, a heart of forgiveness. Help me show grace and mercy the way You do. And when I fail, help me again. To forgive over and again if that's what it takes, if that's what You need from me. Help me move on. I love You.
Be Blessed!!

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