Tasty Fish Lunch

Please tell me I'm not the only mom out there who's kids seem to be hungry every 2 hours!?! That fact was the inspiration for my blog title, Forever In The Kitchen, but that doesn't mean that I don't get tired of hearing, "Momma, what can I have to eat???"

While I was making my menu this weekend I tried to plan more substantial breakfasts and lunches in the hopes that more nutrition would stave off the hunger pangs a bit. So far so good. It's almost 4:00 and nobody has complained that they are hungry!

Today we had tilapia with brown rice and a big salad. It was so quick and easy.

Start your rice first. Brown rice takes a bit of time to cook. I used quick cooking brown rice and it still took 12 minutes after it started to boil. I added a bullion cube to the water for extra flavor. While I was waiting on the water I seasoned my fish. I like to coat tilapia pretty thick. It doesn't sound right but I actually seasoned my fish with steak seasoning. Get your pan good and hot then drizzle in a bit of olive oil. Add the fish, cook on both sides, until it gets flaky. Serve it with a big green salad and your dressing of choice. It took about 20 minutes total from start to finish.

Happy Cooking!!

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