Impromptu Cooking Day

On Sunday my husband had to work and the kids were playing so I decided to spend some time in the kitchen. I was in there for about two hours from start to finish so not a lot of time in exchange for a nice little stash.

I started with turkey. I had roasted one a few days before because I was craving Thanksgiving dinner. What?? Wasn't Thanksgiving like yesterday or something? Yes, I do believe it was. However, since we spent the day with my husbands parents I didn't get to have the dinner I had every year as a kid. I actually think it might be better when it's NOT Thanksgiving. Either way, it was sooooo good and definitely hit the spot!

I had used the breasts and legs for two dinners last week so I picked the rest of the meat off. Then I added the bones and "turkey jello" as my kids call it to a big pot to make some broth for turkey and rice soup. It's the same as my chicken soup just with turkey because that's what I had on hand.

I also peeled and chopped about 2 lbs. of carrots. I diced some to go in the soup and cut the rest into sticks to have in the fridge for easy snacking. It takes some work but I feel it's worth it to process them at home rather than pay the inflated prices for baby carrots. Since I was already chopping I got a big batch of onions diced also. Again, some for the soup and some for the freezer. It's nice to have some already diced on the rare occasion when onion snow just won't cut it.

While the broth simmered I made a batch of my Saturday Morning Waffles to have ready in the freezer. I started some eggs to boil for snacks and breakfast this week. While the waffles were cooking I mixed up some Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip muffins. They turned out so good. I will be sharing the recipe tomorrow.

There you have it. My Sunday afternoon. Investing a little time in the kitchen is always so worth it. Now that I have more room to work I think I'll be having afternoons like this more often.

Happy Cooking!!

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