So Good To Be Back!!

Whew! I have been on a whirlwind ride over the last month and a half but it is good to be back.

We FINALLY got a new house!!! We had been believing for so long and it finally happened! We closed on the sale of our old house on December 14 just like we had planned but we hadn't found a new home to move into yet. My dad was nice enough to offer his home to us until we got another one. We packed most of our things into storage and only took what we had to have to my dads. He lives in a 3 bedroom house on an acre so my girls loved it. They even loved having to share one bedroom. Four girls, one bedroom, lots of late nights!

That's when I disappeared from my blog. My dad doesn't have internet service at his house so I was without a computer for a month. It was weird. Good but weird.

We started searching harder and finally found a new home that we loved. It was the perfect size for our family and in the exact neighborhood we were looking for. After a few days of prayer and negotiations with the sellers we settled on a good price. We had planned to close on our new home on December 31. Unfortunately that meant we wouldn't have Christmas in our new place but we still had a wonderful day at my dads!

Closing day was approaching and our realtor called with bad news. The house hadn't appraised high enough so we wouldn't be closing on the 31st after all. That issue got sorted out but the loan office had done maintenance on their computer system over the weekend that had caused a glitch so we wouldn't be closing the following Monday either. Oh my word! Our closing was put off not once, not twice, but THREE times! Almost four actually but we managed to find a way around the last one, praise God!

So now we are here, in our new home, and we still can't believe it's ours. We have so many things here that we didn't have before that I am so grateful for. We have a fireplace, a laundry closet (my washer and dryer were in my dining room in the old house), and best of all, a DISHWASHER!!! I feel so blessed!

It has been nicer than I thought it would be to be away from the computer and internet so I think I will be re-evaluating the time I spend here. I still love blogging but I fell back in love with homemaking. I will be planning ahead more and scheduling blogging time so that I can make Forever In The Kitchen feel as nice as my at home kitchen feels.

Thank you all for hanging around even though I disappeared without notice. I apologize. I will try hard not to do that again. Stay tuned for some really great things!!

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing!!

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