Gratituesday~Free Homeschool Material

Just because it says free does not mean it's not good.  I finally learned (why did it have to take so long??) that if I give up and ask God for help then he will come through!  Here are some of the things I have found to use to help me teach my girls that don't even come close to breaking the bank.

  1.  Joy of FiveJ's offered this awesome download to teach your kids values.  We were needing a change in our Bible time and this is it.
  2. After searching and searching and praying for a math curriculum that was affordable and still good I found this!  Mathematics Enhancement Programme is a God send and has worked wonderfully for us so far.  All for the cost of paper and ink!  Whoot!
  3. Yet another curriculum for free (or almost),  Ambleside Online is wonderfully rich.  It contains material that challenges my girls but still holds their interest.  I am so grateful I found this!
  4. Science (or the lack thereof) was a major issue in this house.  That was until I found Mr. Q!  He offers his first science pack for FREE!  Again, just the cost of ink and paper and we have an entire year of science.  So far the girls love it! (and mom does too!)
  5. My kids are half Hispanic so I feel it's important for them to learn Spanish as well as English.  I was going to include the link here but the program we're using is offered through our old library and you have to have a card number to sign up.  I would suggest looking at your own library website to see if they offer foreign languages courses.  The one we use is powered by Mango Languages.
  6. The best resource of all is the Bible.  Get you one or two different versions and read it to your kids.  Great teachings from the Great Teacher!
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