Money Saving Monday #2 (on Tuesday)

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I am so sorry I am a day late with this!  We took a trip out of town yesterday so I wasn't able to get it up.  At any rate, here are your 3 new Money Saving Tips for the week.

1. I know I'll probably have a split group with this one but here goes anyways...If it's yellow, let it mellow.  You all know what I mean.  We have 6 people in our house.  That's a lot of bladders.  If we flushed a couple gallons of water down every time one of the little ones went to pee we just might drain our aquifer.  No kidding!  Instead, we put our toilet paper in the trash and let the yellow mellow.

2. Clean with vinegar.  I mix up half water half white vinegar and use that in place of all purpose cleaner that I would find at the store.  It's much cheaper and there's no harsh chemicals to breathe in.  I have been very pleased with how well this mixture cleans.

3. Charge your cell phone in your car.  If you have a car charger for your cell phone then make sure you plug it in every time you go somewhere.  That way you are using your car battery (which was being used anyways) and not the electricity in your home.  This also ensures that you have at least some charge if something was to happen and you got stranded somewhere and needed to call for help.

There you have it.  Money Saving Monday.  Come back next week for 3 more easy ways to save.  This series will continue until,well, until I run out of ideas.  I hope you found at least one you can use today.

Money Saving Monday #1 

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