Spicy Pinto Beans

Spicy Pinto Beans
Beans.  A cheap, filling, healthy meal option.  If you're looking to save money, serve beans.  If you're looking to add fiber, serve beans.  If you're looking to propel yourself to the moon, serve beans and have 3 or 4 helpings...lol! 

I will give you the short version of how I cook beans.  I know some people swear that you have to soak them overnight or at least a few hours but I have never, not once, soaked my beans.  I start by sorting through them just to make sure there aren't any small rocks or dirt clumps.  Then I give them a good rinse in the colander.  I put them in a large stockpot, fill it with water, and add my seasonings.  I usually use salt, pepper, garlic salt, cumin, steak seasoning, and soy sauce.  Bring them to a boil, reduce the temp just a bit, cover and cook 2-4 hours.  You will want to test them around 2 hours but they could take up to 4.  Easy peasy right?

When your beans are just about done brown up 1/2-1 lb. of ground beef along with 1/2-1 whole diced onion and 2-3 (depending on how hot you want it) diced jalapenos, seeds and stem removed.  When the beans are finished and the beef is cooked through start adding beans to the beef pan until you have the bean/beef ratio that looks good to you.

This is a great recipe to stretch the ground beef if you only have a bit.  It's also good for the meat and potatoes men.  They get some meat and some starch in one bowl.

In my kitchen I like to serve it with tortillas or corn chips.  If you have kids that might not want to eat japs and onions then tell them they are eating beetles (beans) with bug wings (onions) and grasshoppers (japs).  It's a fun way to get my girls to eat.

Happy Cooking!!

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