Tuesday's Tip~Keep Your Dishwasher Empty

What I'm about to tell you has completely changed my kitchen.  Now I know that it might seem obvious to a lot of you and some of you will be thinking, DUH ASHLEY! but I'm going to share anyways.

I used to be a load it/unload it once a day kinda gal.  I would typically empty it close to supper time and re-load then simply because I didn't have enough room to do any food prep.  Some days the dishes would be clean in the morning and I would actually empty it then but not load it until later so the dirties sat out all day.  I finally had a revelation!

Empty it WHENEVER it's clean.  Whenever!  If that means I empty it 4 times a day then so be it.  If it's empty then that means I can put the dirties in and the kitchen stays cleaner.  If it's empty then that means the kids can put their dirties in after a meal.  (Don't laugh so hard!  I hear you!)  If it's empty then that means that I will have the clean dishes I need to cook in/with and serve on.

Some days I run it twice because we are a big family and that what it takes.  I don't have a schedule for it like always run it after dinner.  It just does its job when it needs to be done.

Ahhh...a clean kitchen!

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