Ask For Substitutions

I headed out to CVS today to pick up a few things.  My main goal was the Purex which was on sale for $1.99 for the 24 load bottle.  Unfortunately they were out.  When I went to check out I asked the cashier to please check and see if they had any more.  He made a quick call to the manager who said they were completely out but that I could get a rain check OR I could substitute a different brand of detergent that had about the same or less original price.  COOL!!  So I went and scanned the shelves but found that most of the brands were a few dollars more and wouldn't work.  Then I spotted this bottle of Just the Basics brand that was priced at $3.99.  The cashier said it would work.  The neat thing though is that this bottle actually contains 64 loads and not 24.  And yes, it's ultra concentrated too.  So I got almost 3x the amount of detergent for the same price.  If this ever happens to you, make sure you ask if you can substitute a different brand for the same price.  If not you can always get a rain check instead but it never hurts to ask!!

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