Crispy Fried Chops

Can I just say that if you want a crispy, juicy, tender, delicious, flavorful, mouth-watering bite of comfort food goodness, THIS. IS. IT!  I love comfort food.  I love fried food.  This is the best of both worlds without being terribly unhealthy because it's fried in coconut oil.  The coconut oil also gives it a different kind of crispiness than vegetable oil does.

Here's one of the hungry...stealing a bite.  I may or may not have also stolen a little morsel before dinner was served. ;)

  1. Start with enough chops to feed your family then add one or two.  Trust me.  This is one of the only meals I make where everyone, even the smallest, goes back for seconds.  Lay your chop on a piece of parchment or wax paper then put another piece on top.  Pound on that baby until your desired thickness.  The thinner you pound it the quicker it cooks.  I don't have a meat mallet so I just used a rolling pin.
  2. Let your meat rest a bit while you prepare the coating.  I start with about a cup of flour and season it with salt and pepper.  Next you will need an egg wash.  To that I add s&p, a splash of water, and about 7 shakes of Louisiana hot sauce.  The hot sauce doesn't make it hot but it does give it a great flavor.  After that I dredge the chops in a whole sleeve of cracker crumbs.  Crushing the crackers is a great job for the littles to do.  
  3. Coat your chops in flour, egg, then crackers, in that order.  It's easier if you get them all coated before you start any frying.  Plus you only have to wash your hands once.
  4. Now you can start frying.  I use coconut oil.  I like the health benefits of it plus it doesn't give my husband heartburn like things fried in veg oil do.  Since the pork is thin you only need about 1/2 inch of oil.  Fry them on medium high heat until golden brown on both sides.  Then transfer them to wire racks on a cookie sheet and place them in the oven set at 150-200 to keep them warm while you finish frying the rest.

I like to serve these with green beans and mashed potatoes and gravy.  And if you love gravy as much as I do then your plate will look a little something like this...


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