Surprise In My Mailbox~The Rewards of Contacting Companies You Love

Recently I was surprised by a rather large priority mail box delivered by my mailman.  I was not expecting anything.  I hadn't been buying off of eBay or using my swagbucks on Amazon.  I didn't remember my husband ordering anything.  I eagerly tore into the box and this is what I found...

A full family sized box of Red Diamond tea!!  A few weeks before I found their tea bags new in my local grocery store.  Since I already knew I loved the tea they sell in the gallon jugs I thought I would give it a try.  Well needless to say we LOVED it!  I found this little piece of paper in the box with the tea bags saying that my comments would be appreciated.  Since I liked the tea so much I decided I would let them know.

I have contacted companies in the past and have been pleasantly surprised by coupons in the mail, usually high in value.  I never expected to get a whole box of tea!  It even included a hand written note with an apology for not sending the tea sooner!  Talk about great customer service!
If you find a product that you truly love, find a way to tell them.  Companies love feedback, especially good feedback.  Be genuine in your praise.  Tell them exactly what you like and why.  This lets them know what they're getting right and will in turn make products better for the consumer!
Be Blessed!!
Ashley <><
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