Tuesday's Tip~Got a Funky Washer??

A couple weeks ago I started noticing a very funky smell coming from my washer.  It smelled like a mildewy wash rag.  Every time I opened the doors to my laundry room this smell would slap me in the face.  I didn't know what it was and couldn't find the source.  No wet rags hanging out in the bottom of the basket.  No leftover socks in the washer.  I finally stuck my head down into the bin of my washing machine and determined that it was coming from there. 


I proceeded to search multiple websites on how to clean top loading washers and did what they told me to do but nothing worked.  It seems as if mildew can actually grow under the tub because all of the water is not always drained completely.  My solution?  Vinegar.

Now every time I'm done with a load of laundry I splash a bit of vinegar into the tub and give it a good shake to get it down into the holes on the bottom.  I also make sure to leave the lid UP so the moisture can evaporate.  The vinegar helps kill the mold/mildew and leaving the lid up helps keep the nastiness from growing in the first place.

Hope that helps anyone that's having issues.

Be Blessed!!

Ashley <><

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