Smoothie Ice Cream

Calling all soccer moms!!!  Raise your hand if you are glad that soccer season is over.  Or nearly over.  Or at least the end is in sight.  Don't get me wrong.  I love watching my girls play.  But 4 girls on 3 teams and games on 2 days each weekend is work.

We've been busy!

But we've had fun!

So if you have a few more practices or games left to go, here is a nice refreshing, healthy snack to indulge in afterwards.

Smoothie Ice Cream

Yes, I said smoothie and ice cream.  It's like ice cream without all the sugar.  ;-)

This isn't so much a recipe as it is technique.  Basically all you do is make a smoothie with more frozen fruit than normal.  It comes out very thick and creamy so that you feel like you're having a delicious bowl of ice cream.  In this particular one I used frozen bananas and frozen grapes, soy milk, and greek yogurt.  That's it.  If your fruit isn't very sweet you can add honey and it will still be better for you than ice cream or candy or cookies.  If you find it's too thin just add more fruit.  If your blender will no longer move then add a bit more milk.  You can use any frozen fruit you want but I find that bananas work the best for the creaminess.  Bananas and peaches together are one of my favorite combinations.


Ashley <><

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