SOAP~A Night of Nights


But Mary was treasuring up all these things in her heart and meditating on them. ~Luke 2:19


Instead of getting caught up in the busyness of everything going on around her (all the shepherds coming to meed Jesus, the stress of learning to breastfeed, the animals and their smells), she treasured the moment. She kept it in her heart and thought deep about the blessings she had received.


I need to take a step back, get still with God for a moment, and meditate on all the gifts He has given me, especially when life gets crazy and I feel like I just might loose it. All these seemingly little things God does for me daily are treasures for my heart, tiny gifts from The One who gave it ALL for me. If I am thankful for these gifts, meditate on these gifts, store these gifts in my heart, then I can open up my treasure chest when things seem rough and I will be reminded of the goodness and love of God. That love is what I need to keep going.


Sweet Jesus, how I love you. Thank you Lord for Mary. Thank you for sending your son. Thank you for the innumerable blessings you give each day. Help me to see these treasures as such. I don't want to miss seeing you because I am focusing too much on what I consider to be bad. Help me see you and your love in everything. I know you are in every situation. If I look purposefully I will find you. Thank you for all these blessings to treasure in my heart.

What kind of things do you treasure in your heart?

Ashley <><
Be Blessed and Be a Blessing

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