Why We Don't Celebrate Halloween

When I was little I didn't celebrate Halloween.  I was allowed to dress up for school but that's about as far as it went.  I did not feel cheated.  I did not feel left out.  I did not feel like I was missing out.  I knew in my heart that Jesus didn't want me to celebrate this holiday.  From as far back as I can remember I was ok with that.

I have four girls now ages 13-6.  We still don't celebrate Halloween.  They know why and they agree.

I recently read an article about Kirk Cameron in which he told why Christians SHOULD celebrate Halloween.  I think that Christians that agree with this article are looking for a way to justify this holiday.  Having a pretty prominent member of the Christian community condoning Halloween might sway many people.

Instead of going into the history of Halloween (of which we may never know the exact origin) or going into detail of why I think Kirk Cameron is wrong, I am simply going to explain FROM THE BIBLE why I believe Halloween should NOT be celebrated by Christians. 

Please know that there is no condemnation in this post.  There may be conviction, if that's what the Lord lays on your heart, but I am not judging you if you have decided that Halloween is ok for your family.

Why My Family Doesn't Celebrate Halloween

1. Trick or Treat
  • Words are very powerful.  God created EVERYTHING with words.  Genesis 1:3-26 has the words, "And God Said," eight times as he was speaking things into life. 
  • John 1:1-2, "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.  He was with God in the beginning."  Jesus is powerful.  Jesus is called the Word.  Words are powerful.
  • Matthew 12:36, "But I tell you that men will have to give account on the day of judgment for every careless word they have spoken."  I feel like having children say that they will play a trick on someone if they don't get a treat is very careless.  People think that it means nothing but we have already established that words are powerful and important.  When you get to Heaven you will have to explain the careless phrase, "Trick or Treat!"
2. Your Attitude
  • Philippians 2:5, "Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus."  Going back to the old W.W.J.D~What Would Jesus Do?  Would he dress up as a devil or a monster and go around asking people for a treat but saying he would give them a trick if they didn't pay up?  Maybe your little one dresses up as something cute and innocent.  I bet they still say trick or treat.
3. Evil
  • 1 Thessalonians 5:22, "Abstain from all appearance of evil." (KJV)  This is probably the biggest one for me.  Maybe you dress your child up as an angel, take them to the sweet grandma across the street, and she just smiles sweetly and sticks her bucket out without a word.  Halloween is still mostly about evil.  Walk down any costume aisle and you will see monsters, blood, gore, and evil.  People put ghosts and mummies as decorations in their yards.  People dress up as vampires and zombies.  That my friends is the appearance of evil and my Bible, the absolute true Word of God, told me to stay away from it!
So there you have it.  That's why I don't celebrate Halloween.  Not because of where it started, but because of what the Bible says about what Halloween is today. 

If you choose not to celebrate Halloween but are afraid of what people will think or say just tell them this, "We don't celebrate Halloween because Jesus told us not to."  If they ask why you can give them any of the reasons above.  When you take a stand for Christ he will make sure you have the right words when you need them.

Ashley <><

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