About Me

I am a stay-at-home wife of an awesome husband and mother of five. We have four beautiful girls here on earth and a beautiful son in the arms of Jesus. Our life is busy and fun and full of love. I am passionate about Christ and family.

I feel like I am always cooking up something, whether for the body or the soul. With 4 girls I am in the kitchen a lot. We also homeschool so their minds are getting fed as well. I feel like God loaned me these babies to feed their spirits and to raise them to love Christ.

I love to cook and share food and recipes. 

This blog is a place to come for a little encouragement, a Bible lesson, a recipe or two (or 10), and maybe a little laugh. I pray that your visit here will brighten your day and make you want to come back for more.

My goal for this space is for you to meet Jesus.  I want you to want to know more about Him because of what you read and feel here.  I want you to truly know Him as your friend, your Savior, your everything!

Feel free to contact me via email if you ever need prayer or have any suggestions. foreverinthekitchen@gmail.com